TEDxFortWayne returns after a three-year hiatus on March 24, 2018. The event will be held at the Manchester University College of Pharmacy on the Parkview Hospital campus on DuPont Road.  This year’s event theme is “Resurgence.”

Tickets went on sale Friday, February 16 and are expected to sell out quickly.

Get your’s here!

The day-long event will feature regional and national presenters offering unique perspectives and “ideas worth spreading.”

2018 Speakers will include:

•   Victoria Trabosh – Your Voice, Your Choice

•   Ahmed Abdelmageed – The “I” Behind the Immigrant

•   Davonta Beckham – What if You Could Fly?

•   Rena Bradley – Raising the Bar with Design and Creative Programming

•   David Buuck – Reimagining Housing for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

•   Craig Crook – Exploring the Intersection of Creativity and Activity

•   Christophe Dessaigne – The Importance of Community Champions

•   April Gerard – The View from Poverty

•   Matthew Hawkins – Neighborhood Pride

•   Cory Heimann – The Magic of Awe and Wonder

•   Lindsay Racine – A Passion for Independent Reading


“We are thrilled with the quality and diversity of speakers and topics presented this year” said TEDxFortWayne Organizer Mark Hagar. Hagar continued, “these speakers, along with previously recorded TED Talks, a few surprise guests and a host of unique and challenging experiences will combine to create a thought-provoking, stimulating and inspirational day.”

Full bios of all speakers will be posted soon at TEDxFortWayne.com

For more information about TED, TEDx and TEDxFortWayne please visit TEDxFortWayne.com.

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